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About Us

A veteran educator and dynamic communicator, Inge Cannon brings extensive professional expertise and a warm heart to her parent training sessions. She has a thorough understanding of the issues involved in credentialing students and knows how to explain “educationese” clearly to any audience. Her four decades of professional experience encompass many years of teaching at the elementary, high school, and college levels, along with leadership responsibilities as principal of a Christian day school (PreK-12) and dean of women/professor in a college settings.

In the home education arena, Mrs. Cannon spent seven years developing the ATI curriculum and five years directing the ministry of the National Center for Home Education under the auspices of the Home School Legal Defense Association. She has also directed evaluation programs in education, taught courses in testing and educational assessment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and participated in bias review analysis for standardized achievement tests published by The Psychological Corporation in San Antonio, Texas.

Together with her husband, Dr. Ronald Jay Cannon, Mrs. Cannon has authored and taught extensive seminars about organizing a tutorial home education high school program, creating transcripts and issuing diplomas, mentoring young people in career decisions and training options, and developing discernment in the selection of Christian music. In addition, she has authored “how to” books on teaching children etiquette and planning curriculum around the core of Scripture. The Cannons have traveled to 46 states and several Canadian provinces to encourage home educators over the past thirty years and look forward to lots of fruitful ministry in the future.