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Transcript Boot Camp DVD


A Special Training Seminar for Parents of Home-Educated Junior/Senior High Students!
Now you can attend Transcript Boot Camp in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Watch the DVD as many times as needed to grasp the concepts thoroughly. Get your teens involved, and learn how to produce credible, professional high school transcripts that will be respected.
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Includes 4 hours on DVD, a 76-page syllabus in a PDF format, and a handsome storage case.
Session 1 — Diplomas, Accreditation, Graduation, Forms & Format, Academic History
Session 2 — Grades, Carnegie Units, Textbook Equivalency & Time Logs
Section 3 — Curriculum Tips, Class Rank, Grade Point Average & Weighted Grades
Session 4 — Extracurricular Activities, Test Scores, Privileged Information, Vital Attachments, Portfolios & Resumes

What You Will Learn . . .

  • Everything you need to know about high school courses, graduation requirements, and records
  • How much of the record keeping work your students can and should do
  • Why the junior high years are often the most wasted period in a child’s educational life
  • Who needs a transcript and why
  • How to issue a diploma to your child
  • Why transcripts are crucial to “back up” diplomas
  • The most important piece of information you can and must include on a transcript
  • When you must include a Social Security Number on a transcript
  • How to assign credits if you use “unit studies”
  • How to make major projects count in several subjects simultaneously
  • What grade inflation is and how to avoid it
  • The biggest challenge home educators face in calculating “Carnegie Units”
  • Why most home educators graduate their children with 25-30% more credits than their traditionally schooled counterparts
  • How to determine your child’s grade point average (GPA) and why this calculation is important
  • When and how you can “double-dip” in giving high school credits
  • Why community service projects are valuable
  • When and how to assign credits for extracurricular activities
  • What to put into your child’s portfolio
  • And much more!

Who Should Listen . . .

  • Parents who teach junior/senior high students at home.
  • Parents who are considering home education for any student age 10 or older.
  • Parents who have children enrolled in correspondence or umbrella support programs—after all, you will submit the information that ultimately credentializes your child. You owe it to yourself to explore all the possibilities that can be documented!
  • Supervisors of correspondence, umbrella, or co-op programs for home schoolers—anyone who assists parents with high school record-keeping and/or guidance tasks.

Click here for a product review by a veteran home school mom and retired home school state organization leader.

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