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Transcript Boot Camp DVD


A Special Training Seminar for Parents of Home-Educated Junior/Senior High Students!
Now you can attend Transcript Boot Camp in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Watch the DVD as many times as needed to grasp the concepts thoroughly. Get your teens involved, and learn how to produce credible, professional high school transcripts that will be respected.
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Includes 4 hours on DVD, a 76-page syllabus in a PDF format, and a handsome storage case.
Session 1 — Diplomas, Accreditation, Graduation, Forms & Format, Academic History
Session 2 — Grades, Carnegie Units, Textbook Equivalency & Time Logs
Section 3 — Curriculum Tips, Class Rank, Grade Point Average & Weighted Grades
Session 4 — Extracurricular Activities, Test Scores, Privileged Information, Vital Attachments, Portfolios & Resumes

What You Will Learn . . .

  • Everything you need to know about high school courses, graduation requirements, and records
  • How much of the record keeping work your students can and should do
  • Why the junior high years are often the most wasted period in a child’s educational life
  • Who needs a transcript and why
  • How to issue a diploma to your child
  • Why transcripts are crucial to “back up” diplomas
  • The most important piece of information you can and must include on a transcript
  • When you must include a Social Security Number on a transcript
  • How to assign credits if you use “unit studies”
  • How to make major projects count in several subjects simultaneously
  • What grade inflation is and how to avoid it
  • The biggest challenge home educators face in calculating “Carnegie Units”
  • Why most home educators graduate their children with 25-30% more credits than their traditionally schooled counterparts
  • How to determine your child’s grade point average (GPA) and why this calculation is important
  • When and how you can “double-dip” in giving high school credits
  • Why community service projects are valuable
  • When and how to assign credits for extracurricular activities
  • What to put into your child’s portfolio
  • And much more!

Who Should Listen . . .

  • Parents who teach junior/senior high students at home.
  • Parents who are considering home education for any student age 10 or older.
  • Parents who have children enrolled in correspondence or umbrella support programs—after all, you will submit the information that ultimately credentializes your child. You owe it to yourself to explore all the possibilities that can be documented!
  • Supervisors of correspondence, umbrella, or co-op programs for home schoolers—anyone who assists parents with high school record-keeping and/or guidance tasks.

Click here for a product review by a veteran home school mom and retired home school state organization leader.

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  1. Sharon Grimes, Founder, New York State LEAH

    This is the meat that veteran home schoolers are criying for! I give it an A+!

  2. Karen R. in Whitewright, TX

    Your Transcript Boot Camp was 200% more than I hoped it would be. It was informative as well as inspirational in the areas of preparation for college and home schooling. Thank you for this ministry.

  3. Colleen B. in Killingworth, CT

    We have been watching the Transcript Boot Camp on DVD seminar sessions at our homeschooling monthly meetings. To my chagrin, I have to admit that I went to the meeting thinking I was going to add something. (You see, I am a mom of nine children and have homeschooled for 17 years—even produced a couple of graduates who were accepted into Ivy League colleges along with receiving recommendations to two military academies!) I was prepared to share my experience. So was the leader of group who had a similar resume. Well, we were both mightily surprised and thrilled to learn so much from the DVD. Thank you for teaching us so much and doing it in such a delightful way. The humor sprinkled in was just perfect!

  4. Leslie S. in Nashua, NH

    Everyone considering home school for the high school years should watch this program a couple of times before starting.

  5. Laura W. in Columbus, OH

    With your help my #2 son gained admission to West Point, where he will graduate in May. Thank you for your wise advice and for your initative in putting together such a valuable seminar and transcript software program.

  6. Live Seminar Attendee in Richmond, VA

    She has a wonderful way of weaving practical information with the principles of God’s Word.

  7. Ann M. in Dyer, IN

    I recently purchased your Transcript Boot Camp and TranscriptPro materials. They are excellent, and I only wish I had them in hand three years ago.

  8. Ann W. in Lino Lakes, MN

    I am finding myself excited and motivated. I love how you weave the biblical perspective into how we think about today’s world. . . . Your thoughts on when the Bible would recognize a person as “responsible” and the current trend to chalk up improper behavior in a teenager to “adolescence” was thought-provoking. Thanks, Inge.

  9. Pattie K. in Lake County, IL

    I attended Transcript Boot Camp in Downers Grove today offered by Inge Cannon and Education PLUS, a Christian company that offers lots of organization aids and helps for homeschoolers, particularly with older kids. In my twelve years of attending conferences and listening to speakers, I have only heard a handful who were truly exceptional. Mrs. Cannon carried a message that was so profound and yet so simple, based in common sense and grounded in solid experience. . . . Every home schooler would benefit from this content, regardless of whether you unschool, design-your-own or use a turn-key program.

    I have listened to a lot of people talk about high school and homeschooling, but never anyone with such thoroughness, wonderful humor, realistic observations and experience, and with such eloquence. Mrs. Cannon discusses some things you can do with your junior high kids, and it really isn’t too early to hear her talk even if you are still working with kids in grade school. Don’t miss this seminar!

  10. April B. in Cedar Park, TX

    This seminar provided so much more than educational content. It was truly life-changing for me. I’ve had so many reservations about homeschooling into the high school years, and made it so realistic and manageable that I’m now excited about it.

  11. Donna M. in Oakwood Hills, IL

    It is with a sincere THANK YOU that I write to you because you helped us make important decisions about our daughter’s homeschooling. After attending your Transcript Boot Camp—twice—and graduating our daughter, she has now entered the university system as a junior. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding us and mentoring us through the education maze.

  12. Patty L. in Stephens City, VA

    Transcript Boot Camp was great! Your clear instruction greatly encouraged me and strengthened my resolve. My daughter and I will be reconstructing her transcript from past records—she graduated several years ago.

  13. Mary Lynn F. in Hickory Hills, IL

    I want to tell you how valuable your Transcript Boot Camp was to me. It was extremely important to me to understand the WHY and WHAT about this entire process, and you fulfilled that for me.

  14. Coleen M. in Dallas, TX

    This was the most informative and well organized seminar that we have ever participated in. Thank you for teaching us how to correctly document our homeschool experience so the college and business world will accept our work. We came away with a lot more than just the transcript part. . . . We feel that this seminar provided the icing on the cake to make our experience even more successful, productive, and satisfying. . . .

    You packed a lot of information into the presentation, but did not overwhelm us so that we came away totally “fried.” We have our own construction business and my husband works outside most of the time and does not sit at all. He sat the whole time and did not get fidgety, bored, tired, or glassy-eyed at all. That is a true test of how good this seminar is.

  15. Debbie W. in Richardson, TX

    After totally making every mistake for my son in the college application process, including not signing his transcript, A & M said his records were “deficient.” So I worked my way through the seminar and used TranscriptPro the next time around with my daughter. She was not only accepted into A & M, but her response letter came early! I wish everyone could see Transcript Boot Camp.

  16. Bonnie A. in Bristow, VA

    I just wanted to thank you bunches for your wonderful Transcript Boot Camp seminar. You really are a delight to listen to, and I was so blessed and informed. I am telling everyone about it.

  17. Sara E. in Melbeta, NE

    I am a 19-year-old home school graduate. Your seminar helped me so much. My college scholarship sponsor wrote the following to me when I submitted my paperwork: “You have presented a superb, excellent letter and resume—everything is so well set up. You get an A+ from me. In fact, I am awed.” Without you, Mrs. Cannon, I certainly could not have impressed the reviewer this way! Thank you so much.

  18. Sharon A. in Hurdle Mills, NC

    The Transcript Boot Camp was astoundingly helpful! Thank you so much for this much needed advice and guidance. I am still petrified about teaching the high school years, but feel better equipped now.

  19. Teresa L. in Branon, MS

    I love your software and the DVD seminar. I would be in trouble without it.

  20. Linda S. in Richwood, OH

    Thank you for a most valuable training seminar. I praise God for your knowledge, insight, wisdom, and guidance. My challenge is to implement, implement, implement!

  21. Diane E. in Lanham, MD

    Transcript Boot Camp was very helpful. I was encouraged in many areas where we are doing well and challenged to improve in others. . . . Particularly helpful was the list of words and terms to describe work equivalent to the letter grades.

  22. Sheldon C. in McCordsville, IN

    What a great resource that has saved us hours of research and work to find answers to all the questions you address!

  23. Diane S. in Gulph, ON, Canada

    We purchased your seminar two years ago and have found it invaluable! It is worth many times over what we paid for it.

  24. Patty L. in Martinsburg, VA

    Thanks so much for this seminar. It’s informative and so helpful. It has given me confidence to tackle the difficult job of reconstructing a transcript and the ability to keep good records for future ones.

  25. Deborah S. in Rome, GA

    After hearing your seminar, the Lord has changed my homeschooling. We now see the end, and know what we must do to get there. Through prayer, dedication and learning from you, I have more peace and quiet determination to raise my children for the Lord than ever before.

  26. Paula Z. in Southbury, CT

    I’m so thankful for Transcript Boot Camp! This seminar definitely took the intimidation out of making up a transcript. Thank you!

  27. Jan P. in Rockford, IL

    Thank you for being the encouragement we needed when you came to Rockford. So much of our area has gotten into “group homeschooling” . . . that being an independent homeschooler has not been easy. We “independents” need the guidance and reassurance Inge continues to provide.

  28. Lilli H. in Mechanicsville, VA

    I attended Transcript Boot Camp in Richmond last week and was amazed at how much useful information I learned in such a short period of time. Thank you so much for developing TranscriptPro. It is just what I was looking for.

  29. Sherri M. in Newnan, GA

    I have been to several workshops about homeschooling high school before attending Transcript Boot Camp. With the others I walked away overwhelmed. With yours, I walked away thinking, ” can DO this!” Thanks.

  30. Lisa H. in Arlington, IN

    Thank you for your help. Thanks also for the blessing you are to the home school community. I keep remembering what you said in the workshop that I attended years ago: “It takes so little to be above average.” That one comment gave me confidence that I could continue home schooling through high school, and that we could excel.

  31. Julie B. in LaGrange, IL

    Your presentation at the convention was wonderful. I also purchased the DVD set for our home school group to view. I’m glad you made a way for my friends to get the syllabi, too. I can’t wait to share Transcript Boot Camp with my friends!

  32. Sherrill F. in Richland, WA

    I have known of and respected your work for many years. Thank you for how you support home educators. I have always been grateful for the professionalism of all your materials.

  33. Pilar S. in Centereach, NY

    Thank you so much. I must say I have SO enjoyed you on the DVD. Your passion for excellence in home schooling is an inspiration and a pat on the back for an “ex-military/drill sergeant” mom!

  34. Twyla R. in North Hampton, NH

    We have so enjoyed your Transcript Boot Camp seminar! It has removed our fear of this area of homeschooling. Our daughter was just accepted to her first choice college—and I know that the preparation we received from your seminar made that possible.

  35. Denise W. in MN

    We began home schooling last year. Our boys are 15 and 13—they both moan about Friday compositions and wish I had not gone to Transcript Boot Camp. I am thankful for your wisdom, clarity, experience, and organizational skills. Though I have much to learn, I’ve gained confidence and a better view of our goal because of your tools. Thank you.

  36. Carmen G. in Blaine, ME

    Through the video seminar you answered so many of my questions and have given me encouragement and hope. Thank you.

  37. Jill K. in Knoxville, TN

    I wish I had listened to this seminar before my children were middle/high school age. There is much wisdom in what you say.

  38. Angie G. in Moberly, MO

    I have attended your Transcript Boot Camp and was SO glad I did. You were thorough, understandable, and infused with much-needed confidence to keep on with homeschooling through the high school years.

  39. Susie H. in Fishers, IN

    Thank you so much for leading such an informative seminar. It was extremely helpful for planning the high school years. I wish I had taken it a couple of years ago so I could be even better prepared . . . .

  40. Teresa A. in Bainbridge, GA

    I was able to view your Transcript Boot Camp and was quite pleased with your presentation of the material. I was afraid that I was going to be depressed, but you made everything logical and interesting. In fact, I passed them to a friend today. Sorry, I should have made her order them from you, but I didn’t think.

  41. Live Seminar Attendee in Richmond, VA

    She was engaging. I was afraid the topic would be so technical and boring that I would be overwhelmed. She made me feel I could do this, even though I am already behind.

  42. Live Seminar Attendee in Richmond, VA

    I liked the way she presented several “reality checks” for homeschooling parents, such as exhorting them to enforce deadlines for their children.

  43. Live Seminar Attendee in Richmond, VA

    Most helpful seminar I have ever attended! Inge knows her stuff and delivered it in a very clear and helpful manner. I’m so glad I came.

  44. Diane M. in Patriot, IN

    I really enjoyed the seminar and feel (even thought I am an extremely detail-oriented, organized person who had her children’s transcripts already written) that I still learned a lot

  45. Nancy C. in Binghamton, NY

    Thank you for your concise and competent instruction at Transcript Boot Camp today. My husband and 8th grade son attended with me—we all agreed that it was a well-invested day. The fluency and conviction with which you spoke communicated your experience and worldview, both of which were much appreciated.

  46. Andrew W. in Chicago, IL

    Transcript Boot Camp was absolutely tremendous. The CreditPro system you explained in it was brilliant! Wow!

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