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America’s Premier Transcript Software!

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will audit your academic history and point out possibilities you may need to consider adding before graduation.  If all your high school records are in order, you can produce a professional transcript in less than two hours per child! If your records are “hit and miss,” TranscriptPro will help you sort them out and make you look great in the process.

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Let this “transcript wizard” guide you to professional results!

  • Designed to make transcript production and presentation easy for busy home-educating parents, the TranscriptPro software offers you much more than a mere template to fill in. As you complete each data entry field, you will be prompted to provide all of the information that education professionals require for up to 8 children.
  • A built-in Carnegie Unit calculator makes it easy to assign credits, and the GPA calculator tallies a running grade point average every time you add a new course: In addition to 4-point, 5-point, and 3-point grading scales, new GPA options include the 12-point scale and a Uniform Grade Conversion system (great for any situation where you need to report grades by percentage averages). New credit options include California Units and Core-40 Units!
  •  Inge Cannon’s detailed instructions are available as “helps” for each task—simply click the box with the question mark [?] to learn about the record keeping responsibilities and options you have.
  • You can organize each child’s academic history with a traditional format by the year or the semester, or you can use an alternate format that highlights all the advantages of the home school tutorial method by organizing courses according to subject matter rather than chronology.
  •  After you’ve entered your data—identification information about your student, extracurricular activities, test scores, academic history (courses, grades, and credits)—simply click the “Print” button. The new “Print Preview” option will even allow you to see your transcript on screen!

System Requirements: PC running any Windows operating system (Windows XP through Windows 10).

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  1. Karen M. in Hudsonville, MI

    I just love this program. It’s so easy to use. It has really taken the monkey off my back. Every parent of high school kids should know about it.

  2. Jessica H. in East Machias, ME

    I was so surprised to be able to download TranscriptPro immediately. What a great bonus!

  3. Sherry H. in Clayton, NC

    I read approximately 40 scholarship applications from students throughout our state through NCHE. I see quite a variety of transcripts. I still prefer the presentation, thoroughness, cleaness, and ease of TranscriptPro. Thank you for offering this software.

  4. Terri O. in Fuquay Varina, NC

    We used TranscriptPro when our oldest child graduated in 2008. She was awarded a $20,000 scholarship to Campbell University based solely on her transcript and SAT scores. Your product produces a very professional transcript! Thank you!

  5. Gwen K. in Laconia, NH

    I am so pleased with the transcript I created in less than an hour. It looks so professional. It would have taken me hours to try to create something like that on my own.

  6. Susan R. in Third Lake, IL

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the TranscriptPro software. I am not computer savvy, but I was still able to load the software and produce a professional looking transcript in one afternoon! The process was amazingly simple. Thank you for helping me with a job I have been dreading for nearly four years. Our daughter was accepted to the college of her choice within two weeks of sending in her application paperwork. We are so proud of her and so grateful to you.

  7. Karl M. in Raleigh, NC

    Our second daughter just went off to college—School of Design at NC State. Daughter #1 is at East Carolina. TranscriptPro has been great!

  8. Joy S. in Houston, TX

    I found the TranscriptPro to be a fabulous program! I liked the flexibility of listing the subjects by category rather than grade level because, for example, it took us a year and a half to get through Algebra II. The other information the program provided was also helpful, such as the fact that finishing 80% of the book can be considered ‘completed.’ The program also made good suggestions about combining related activities into one subject heading so that the combination could be considered a ‘class for credit.’ I’m not very skilled on the computer, but it was easy even for me to navigate through the program.

  9. Leslie S. in Nashua, NH

    Just had to respond and let you know what a pleasure it was to work with TranscriptPro. I never imagined that preparing a professional looking transcript could be so easy! Everything went in so smoothly. In about an hour I was able to write up the transcript for my daughter who has had a very busy high school career. Keep up the great work! Your product is a great asset to the college-bound student!

  10. Debbie K. in Waynesville, OH

    I really like this program. In fact, three years ago when my oldest son was applying for the Navy ROTC, the people in charge of doing the interview were very impressed with his application. I now have another son trying to get into the Coast Guard Academy and Navy ROTC and am looking forward to the same great result. Thanks for making the process so easy.

  11. Valerie D. in Simpsonville, SC

    Our hats are off to you for developing such a professional, easy-to-use, and effective homeschooler’s tool! My son received, among other full scholarships from prestigious universities, an appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. . . . His admissions officer remarked that he had been impressed by the portfolio—specifically the professionalism of the transcript. He added that so many transcripts from public and even private schools are very difficult to read. We couldn’t be more pleased with our TranscriptPro results.

  12. Larry N. in Chicago, IL

    We love this product! It is one of the best purchases we have made in 15+ years of home education.

  13. Jeanne T. in Lewis Center, OH

    We have been very pleased with the results in using the TranscriptPro program. The tutorial, suggestions, and information about options was especially helpful since the way data is reported changes so much over the years. It is like trying to keep up with how resumes are handled.

  14. Aldona K. in Ellicott City, MD

    I had to write and tell you how great your TranscriptPro is. Before I purchased it, I researched several other similar products on the internet. The others cost quite a bit less, but did not do as much as your product did. I hesitated a little before purchasing yours, but I am so happy that I did choose TranscriptPro. It is worth every penny I spent on it!

    “I had been procrastinating loading it for several months because I dreaded learning how to use a new program. I was so surprised at how easy and painless it is to use and how you have included places for items I would never have thought of including. It was a pleasure using TranscriptPro, and I was very impressed with the professional appearance of the printout. My hat is off to you!

  15. Toni S. in Coon Rapids, MN

    We really like this software. It has helped us immensely to have professional looking transcripts when applying to colleges!

  16. Shirley W. in East Berlin, PA

    Using TranscriptPro has made it extremely easy for me to do my children’s transcripts myself.

  17. JaneAnn L. in New Hope, MN

    I just wanted to e-mail to tell you how much I appreciate the TranscriptPro. It is worth EVERY PENNY!!!!! It has taken so much pressure off to have this program ready for my use. The professional look of the transcripts gives me such confidence as a home school mother. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. Tracy N. in Cedar Bluff, AL

    I am so glad I found your program–it has already made my life so much easier. I have already created a very professional transcript for my daughter in the short time I have had this program.

  19. Floramae T. in Mayer, AZ

    Thank you for your professionalism.

  20. Sharon S. in West Monroe, LA

    Thank you for much such a nifty transcript generator program for such techno-illiterate moms as myself.

  21. Frank W. in Channahon, IL

    My daughter submitted her transcript to the Admissions Office, and as she did, the receptionist said, ‘This is a nice one!’ We appreciate you.

  22. Mary G. in Lake Angelus, MI

    My son applied to many selective schools, and I used TranscriptPro for all his applications. He was accepted at several prestigious schools, and I am confident the quality of the transcript contributed to the overall quality of his submissions.

  23. Jodi A. in Mooresville, IN

    Thanks for such a great product! I’ve been filling in some of my information and am having lots of fun with it. I can tell that it’s going to be so much help.

  24. Sherry H. in Clayton, NC

    I read approximately 40 scholarship applications from students throughout our state through NCHE. I see quite a variety of transcripts. I still prefer the presentation, thoroughness, cleaness, and ease of TranscriptPro. Thank you for offering this software.

  25. Susan F. in Santa Maria, CA

    My son’s transcript looks fantastic! This was such a simple program to use, even for someone as confused by computer software as I am.

  26. Maureen B. in Provo, UT

    The associate director of BYU was so impressed with our portfolio, containing the transcript, work in progress, character recommendations, and 3 writing samples, that he asked to keep it–even though the application is completely done online. Thank you for your outstanding program to culminate an amazing home school journey.

  27. Lisa H. in Arlington, IN

    Inge Cannon has been a great encouragement to me personally, and her TranscriptPro software makes preparing transcripts painless.

  28. Kristen G. in Stanardsville, VA

    I just finished the final transcript for my rising freshman in college. TranscriptPro was a life-saver!

  29. Rita H. in Rio Rancho, NM

    My oldest son used his transcript to apply for his internship at Sandia National Laboratories, to register for dual enrollment classes at the community college his senior year, to make application for the National Merit Scholarship, as well as applying to New Mexico Tech, where he will attend this fall. He was a National Merit finalist and has a full scholarship to NM Tech! Of course, we are very proud of him, and it is so nice to have a little help to effectively present what he has done. I never dreamed that I would need transcripts for so many things. I plan to use TranscriptPro with our other eight children and have recommended it to others.

  30. Beth G. in Buffalo, MO

    I am not the computer whiz, but am finding TranscriptPro to be so very helpful! I really like the professional look of the format and the different style suggestions you give. Having this program has been used by the Lord to give peace and confidence to me in an area I did not know much about until I was faced with it. Thank you for your terrific ministry!

  31. Shawn G. in Oak Point, TX

    With seven still at home, our first of eight (already moved out) asked me to create a transcript for him to enter a community college. All we have are the dated papers he did for each subject each year. So, we did a search on transcripts, came upon your interview with HSLDA, and found your site with TranscriptPro! I’m so excited that I can now concentrate on our new business and still have confidence this recordkeeping task will get done at its maximum potential. Thanks again for an answer to my headache!

  32. Bethanne Puckett in Odenton, MD (retiring this year after 20 years of homeschooling)

    So far we have won one outside scholarship with your transcript–the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship for $1000! And the schools are offering lots of scholarship money for GPA and SAT scores. I will highly recommend your product to others!

  33. Tuscon, AZ

    You run a high quality business and service. I never hesitate to recommend your products.

  34. Debbie M. in Cary, NC

    I’m looking forward to getting started with TranscriptPro. Also, Mrs. Cannon gave an awesome presentation and opened up so many possibilities to me. It was so worth the three-hour drive from NC to hear her.

  35. Pam P. in Richmond, VA

    I want to let you know how much I appreciate TranscriptPro. It is so easy to operate—even for a computer-challenged person such as myself. It is fast, and it looks so professional. I love it! It is well worth the money. The time it will save me in preparing my children’s transcripts is just incredible. I’m so glad I bought it.

  36. Patti S. in Jackson, MI

    We LOVE TranscriptPro! My son applied to several colleges, and each commented on how professional our ‘homeschool transcript’ looked. Thank you! With five children this was certainly a worthy investment!

  37. Denna F. in Olathe, KS

    It only took an hour to plug in the information for all four children. I am very happy with the printouts—they are so much nicer looking than the transcripts I was trying to do in Microsoft Office. The layout is nice and clean looking. I’m definitely going to recommend this to my friends—worth every penny!

  38. Cindy A. in Plano, IL

    I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for providing such a helpful resource. Anything that can save me large amounts of time is worth so much to me.

  39. Lee Ann S. in West Farmington, OH

    I purchased TranscriptPro at a Transcript Boot Camp three or four years ago. I have since graduated one student and am about to graduate another. I love my TranscriptPro!! I’ve had college admissions people tell me my son’s transcripts are easier to read and understand than what they get from most high schools.

  40. Rachel T. in Cheektowaga, NY

    Thank you for a great product. I have used your TranscriptPro for three of my daughters and, with each one, have received commendations from colleges for a ‘very professional’ transcript.

  41. Deborah K. in Burlington, NC

    We purchased this program for our homeschool needs, and I have to say we are so pleased with the look and ease of use. We have had great compliments on how nice the transcripts look and how easy they are to read.

  42. Diane P. in Hoosick Falls, NY

    I have graduated four home-educated students and sent them to college with your help. I still have seven more for you to walk me through! Each student has something new to work through on the high school transcript, and I know your program will get me there.

  43. Janet M. in Sarasota, FL

    Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. That will make it easier to move on and complete the transcript. I actually put this off for two years due to seeing complicated programs. I was so happy when my friend showed me her TranscriptPro. Now I’m playing catch-up, but it’s been very manageable.

  44. Sandra D. at Laughlin AFB, TX

    TranscriptPro is an amazing program. I have now used it to help my two oldest children graduate from high school and go on to college.

  45. Barb G. in Duluth, GA

    I have used your TranscriptPro for the past 5 years. I have launched one child into her first year at college, and she is doing great. My second daughter is a junior, and she recently got accepted in a summer overseas college program. My son is a freshman, and I will be using his transcript toqualify him to go to Tanzania this summer on a missions trip. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your program as well as all the advice in the DVD. It made a HUGE difference in our high school experience. I have three more to go!

  46. Joyce H. in St. Louis, MO

    I love your program. The transcript for my oldest was accepted easily by both the community college where he enrolled for dual credit and his final university.

  47. Diane J. in Leander, TX

    I appreciate you so much, for calling me and walking me through the transcript program. After working with it and doing the editing like you said, it printed me out a nice, official transcript for my son. I am confident that I can also do the transcripts for my two oldest children now that I am familiar with TranscriptPro.

  48. Karen M. in Hudsonville, MI

    We love the ease of these transcripts. My daughter works in the admissions office at Cedarville University, where we recently sent a copy of my son’s transcript, and the comments from her co-workers were very positive. Thanks for your great service! I tell all my friends about it!

  49. Marcie W. in Winfield, KS

    Thanks for all you do. I love this program. God Bless you all!

  50. Tina W. in Monticello, GA

    Thanks for your help and the wonderful program! This has made getting that big monkey off of my back (named ‘transcript’) much, much easier. Seriously, this program is an answer to prayer! God’s richest blessings to you!

  51. Jeri Z. in Bolingbrook, IL

    Your program made it so easy for us to keep track of our children’s grades, and the final transcripts look so polished! Thanks!

  52. Bob P. in Mansfield Center, CT

    Thank you for such a professional looking product! It looks better than many public high school transcripts. While my daughter has worked very hard and has done exceedingly well, I believe your product has been at least partially responsible for her acceptance into all six colleges she applied to. Her dream is to become an advanced care nurse, and she will be attending the University of New Hampshire School of Nursing in the fall.

  53. Laura H. in Belchertown, MA

    I have been using your transcript software for three years now. Last year I showed the printed form to our local guidance counselor. She looked at it and said, ‘Wow, where did you get such a professional looking transcript?’

  54. Kim B. in Long Prairie, MN

    Thank you so much for producing TranscriptPro. I have been trying for months to create an appropriate transcript for my senior, and they all looked bad.

  55. Patti W. in Trevor, WI

    I want to share a story with you about how transcripts played a part in my day. My 11th grade daughter and I had an interview appointment with the Dean of Admissions at a private school she wants to attend for her junior and senior years of high school. I handed him the transcripts and watched him as he reviewed her course work. He was extremely impressed with the professional look and orderliness of her course work over the last two years. Needless to say, she was accepted to the school. I know TranscriptPro had a big influence on his decision.

    We then went to our car insurance company to provide them with paperwork for my daughter’s new driver’s license. This particular company does not offer good student discounts to home-schooled students unless they rank in the top third of SAT or ACT tests. My children have not yet taken these tests. I was told by several agents that my transcripts would not be acceptable to qualify for the discount—but when I showed my daughter’s TranscriptPro transcript, the agent took one look and said, ‘This is perfect.’ Wow! I’m going right home to finish my son’s transcripts and get the 25% discount for both students on the auto insurance. Thanks for blessing our family!

  56. Lisa T. in Oxford, MI

    I like this program! The colleges like the format, too. So far my two children have gotten nine acceptance letters between them.

  57. Cheryl D. in Independence, MO

    I have been using TranscriptPro for the past four years—well worth it for me.

  58. Kris W. in Goffstown, NH

    Thank you for making transcripts so easy to do!

  59. Summary review comments by Michele Schindler in Practical Homeschooling, September/October 2004

    TranscriptPro is very simple to use, with prompts for any parts of the form you may have questions about. You can also use this program to keep track of your child’s courses and achievements throughout high school so that by the time he or she does graduate, all you have to do is click on ‘print,’ and you’ve got a transcript in no time flat. This is an easy-to-use program that will produce an elegant, professional-looking transcript with minimal work from you—one less thing to worry about when getting your child ready for college.

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