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America’s Premier Transcript Software!

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Home School Version
will audit your academic history and point out possibilities you may need to consider adding before graduation.  If all your high school records are in order, you can produce a professional transcript in less than two hours per child! If your records are “hit and miss,” TranscriptPro will help you sort them out and make you look great in the process.

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Let this “transcript wizard” guide you to professional results!

  • Designed to make transcript production and presentation easy for busy home-educating parents, the TranscriptPro software offers you much more than a mere template to fill in. As you complete each data entry field, you will be prompted to provide all of the information that education professionals require for up to 8 children.
  • A built-in Carnegie Unit calculator makes it easy to assign credits, and the GPA calculator tallies a running grade point average every time you add a new course: In addition to 4-point, 5-point, and 3-point grading scales, new GPA options include the 12-point scale and a Uniform Grade Conversion system (great for any situation where you need to report grades by percentage averages). New credit options include California Units and Core-40 Units!
  •  Inge Cannon’s detailed instructions are available as “helps” for each task—simply click the box with the question mark [?] to learn about the record keeping responsibilities and options you have.
  • You can organize each child’s academic history with a traditional format by the year or the semester, or you can use an alternate format that highlights all the advantages of the home school tutorial method by organizing courses according to subject matter rather than chronology.
  •  After you’ve entered your data—identification information about your student, extracurricular activities, test scores, academic history (courses, grades, and credits)—simply click the “Print” button. The new “Print Preview” option will even allow you to see your transcript on screen!

System Requirements: PC running any Windows operating system (Windows XP through Windows 10).

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