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Welcome to Homeschool Transcripts

Are you a home school parent who needs to produce credible, sophisticated high school transcripts for your children?

Backed by 40 years of professional experience, Inge Cannon’s training workshops and software will make you successful in . . .

  • planning junior and senior high curriculum,
  • documenting all secondary level training options,
  • preparing for college and career decisions, and
  • presenting professional credentials for prospective opportunities.

Learn why high school transcripts are important and who must provide them. Download

Receive a “how to” checklist to guide you in producing your children’s transcripts. Download

Receive a free Transcript Forecast planner to summarize your transcript data. Download

Identify 12 Transcript Transgressions committed by home school parents. Download

“This is the meat that veteran home schoolers are criying for!  I give it an A+!”

Sharon Grimes, Founder, New York State LEAH

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